Golf MK6 GTI MST Version 2 Performance Induction System (VW-MK666)

At last, we are pleased to announce our V2 induction system for the Golf MK6 GTI. Looking back 6 years ago we were producing piping related items for turbo charged engines, it was at that time we wanted to start expanding our product line with performance induction systems, the very first induction system that we designed and produced was for the Golf Mk6 GTI, it was one of the most memorable moments for us at MST and time really flies like an arrow indeed. The V1 design was really popular among the Golf enthusiasts in Taiwan as quite a few other companies also fancy our V1 design in their product line up, that’s why visually the design of the heat shields all look very similar to each other between different brands.

Having said all that, we were determined to come up with a brand new V2 version of the MST Induction System for the Golf Mk6 GTI, the intake system was redesigned and more refined than the predecessor V1 which we really wanted us to set ourselves apart from the ever popular V1 and at the same time giving the Golf Mk6 GTI community yet another great induction kit that we offer from MST!

It’s a semi-open heat shield, however, this kit does offer incredible power and torque increases by drawing cold air from the front of the car and improving flow compared to the restrictive stock pipework. Check out our dyno result: 12-14 whp and 17nm.