BMW 330i G20 B48 2.0L Cold Air Intake System (BW-B4802)


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The MST BMW 330i (B48 2.0L turbo) ColdAir Intake is the perfect addition to any engine bay. Give your vehicle added horsepower, torque, snappier throttle response, and an aggressive turbo sound. Typical peak gains from our CAI are roughly 8-12 Horsepower and Torque. Features Delivers cold air to your turbocharger  
    • 3.5″ air filter
    • Turbo inlet pipe
    • Improved throttle response
    • More aggressive and sporty induction sound
    • Blackpowder coated inlet pipe and heat shield
    • The engine air filter should be cleaned at about 20,000 km of usage and should be replaced at about 60,000 km of usage
    • Dyno result: Max gains 8-12hp@4000rpm
  Fits 2019+ BMW G20 (B48 2.0L ENGINE) 320i 330i

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Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 55 × 30 × 28 cm


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